At the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), August 2017

At the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), August 2017

My name is Grant Thornley. I'm a licensed counselor in Washington state. I'm also a lifelong nerd.

We're gamers, comics fans, sci-fi/fantasy fiends, Con goers, cosplayers, and gamers (among others). While this makes us seem like outsiders to some, it also means that we share a common sensibility and lexicon. We're often fluent in each other's language (be it Klingon, Elvish, or whatever...) soon after we meet.

I've gamed my whole life, starting with card and board games. In college I found D & D (my first-ever character had a resurrection chance of 96%... and died). Then arcade gaming, console gaming, PC gaming, and now mobile gaming.

I've been a comics reader since I was 5, and comics have infused my life with certain beliefs. As a boy I internalized messages like "If you can help, you must help" and "with great power comes great responsibility." 

No cape here though. None of us is Batman (which is probably a good thing, because if someone ever needed therapy...). We're just all trying to make it through. From one nerd to another - if I can help you, I will. 



GAMING:  Ingress; Batman/Arkham titles; Dragon Age I & 3 (Inquisition); City of Heroes/Villains; World of Warcraft; The Sims 1-4; DC Universe Online; Marvel Heroes 2015; Cards Against Humanity; Apples to Apples; Lord of the Rings Online; Champions Online (briefly...very briefly)); Skyforge; Portal; Secret World; D&D; Magic the Gathering; Backgammon; more games of Uno than I could possibly count. 

COMICS:  Mostly DC & Marvel over the course of my life; Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, The Astounding Wolfman); Judd Winick (Barry Ween); Scott Snyder (Severed); Warren Ellis (The Authority)....

SCI-FI/Fantasy/Horror/Pop:  Trek; Buffy; Angel; Serenity/Firefly; Supernatural; Arrow; the Flash; Dracula; Underworld; Hobbitses; anything with lycanthropes (except Howling III - marsupial werewolves?!)

BOOKS:  Hero (Perry Moore); Dune (Herbert); Stranger in a Strange Land (Heinlein); Lamb (Christopher Moore); A Dirty Job (ditto); The Tarzan Series (Burroughs); First two books of the Vampire Chronicles (Rice); Mists of Avalon (Bradley), Sonja Blue series (Collins); The Stand and Salem's Lot (King); To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee)...


Masters in Psychology with a concentration in couple and family counseling from Antioch University Seattle

Washington State licensed marriage and family therapist associate (LMFTA)

Washington State mental health professional credential (MHP)